My name is Alana and welcome to my colourful world full of #matchymatchy fashion.

Colour and creating has filled my world since I was a child.  Growing up I dreamed of being an artist or an actress but I soon learnt I was most content whilst I was making.

According to Alana in the Studio

When I was a teenager nothing made me happier than going to a fabric store.  I am quite sure I spent more pocket money on fabric than I did on clothes!

I am a self taught sewer.  There was a lot of trial and error especially in my early sewing years.  I relied on books for knowledge.  There were no online tutorials when I started out.  I still love scouring second hand shops for vintage sewing books and patterns.  You never know what gem you will find!

I dabbled in making glass bead necklaces around 2005 and 2006.  I proudly wore everything I made but did not attempt sell any of it.  At the time I wasn’t convinced there would be a market for my crafts.  But fast forward a few years I could never imagine how much easier it would be to reach so many lovers of handmade through Etsy and social media.

I started making fabric handbags in 2014 after realising it was increasingly difficult to buy accessories made in Australia in the specific fabric prints I desired.  I wanted something to match my clothes and I was also passionate about it being made locally.  So I set about making my own bags from op-shopped and new colourful fabrics. Then I made the huge leap to opening an Etsy shop selling my handmade pieces.

I  also began to make matching skirts and headbands.  As time went on I found it easier to to reduce my range and focus solely on headbands which I continue to do.  All headbands are made by me with lots of love.

Pin Up Headbands by According to Alana

I am all about co-ordination!  Yes!  #matchymatchy is a big part of who I am.  I have a lot of wonderful help from fellow makers who design and create matching accessories for my shop or co-incidently sell pieces that match my favourite fabrics.  It has been wonderful to work with so many talented people.

According to Alana #matchymatchy fashion

According to Alana you ask?… Well it is fashion according to me!  Alana.

I read an article about fashion designer Alannah Hill a good 15 years ago and was inspired by the article title, ‘The World According to Alannah’ At that time I had never seen many people in Australia dress so boldly and beautifully.  Plus she had a variation of my name.  I kept ‘According to Alana’ in the back of my mind.  It seemed the perfect name to describe who I am and my love of unique fashion.

According to Alana Signature

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