Today I am talking to the lovely Mim who is the creative force behind SewInTheMoment handmade sock dolls and learning all about her new and amazing project Hero Happy Mail.

Hello Mim!  Thank you so much for joining me on the blog and being my very first interview.  You and I have known each other through the Instagram crafting community for quite some time but for those who don’t know you can you please tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

Hello Alana. Thank you so much for having me.  I am a Sydney girl who loves designing sock dolls and patterns.  I am a wife to a wonderful man and mother to two terrific teenagers.  I believe in being involved in the community.  I love that I have found a way to do that in our wonderful IG community.  The relationships I have made there have really blessed my life both in my personal world and that of my business.

Mim in the Studio

 You recently started Hero Happy Mail.  What exactly is Hero Happy Mail?

Hero Happy Mail is a kindness revolution.  It is about connecting children who have suffered from illness or tragedy in my local community with the wonderful world of people who want to make a difference from around the globe.

Being involved is easy.  You put together some Happy Mail, which could be a letter, card, drawing or gift and send it to Hero Happy Mail P O Box 4301 Castlecrag NSW 2068 Australia. When I receive the mail and share it on IG and then every Sunday I deliver it to our hero for the month.

Happy Mail Deliveries
Hero Happy Mail Deliveries

“Hero Happy Mail is a kindness revolution.  It is about connecting children who have suffered from illness or tragedy in my local community with the wonderful world of people who want to make a difference from around the globe”

It sounds like a wonderful concept! What inspired you to bring this great initiative to life?

It has been on my heart to help children suffering with illness for a few years now.  I started making hair free dolls for children who have lost their hair as a result of chemo or surgery. I wanted to create a doll that they were able to relate to. Friends started asking me to make them for children in their world, but I wanted to do more.  Then I saw an account on IG that was collecting mail for children suffering from illness. I thought it was brilliant.  I knew so many of the world’s sweetest and kind-hearted people and knew I could connect them with children doing it tough.

Hero Happy Mail - Sock Doll for Aidan

What has the response been like towards Hero Happy Mail from your Hero of the month, Instagram followers and family of the Hero participating?

The response has been overwhelming from all involved.  My first hero Will, who was a three year old suffering from seizures of an undiagnosed origin, was over the moon with receiving mail.  He was so happy.  His mum didn’t have the words to express how touched she was that so many people would reach out to her son.  This month’s hero has been lifted from the depression of realising that his beloved mother is not coming back.  She passed just before Christmas and it is hard for him, his brother and Father to come to terms with how to do life without her. They called me just the other day to make sure I was aware of what a difference the Happy Mail was making for Aidan.

So in answer to your question.  My heroes have felt like heroes, their families have been overwhelmed with the love and our IG community has been blessed by giving.  They often write to me and share how their hearts have been touched.  How they have been able to teach their children to be loving, generous and concerned for others.  It is a real win/ win situation.

Personally.  I am humbled every time I empty the PO Box and my local posties have started to marvel at the good in the world and constantly ask me how things are going.

Thunderbirds Happy Mail

It sounds like there is a real sense of community amongst your Hero Happy Mail Instagram followers.  It must really make your heart sing to see something you have invested so much of your time into is making a real difference to the lives of children who are dealing with illness or tragedy. Do you have a vision of how you would like Hero Happy Mail to grow in the next year? 

As a long term kind of girl, yes I do see others starting this movement in their own local communities.  However right now I am fine tuning my system so that I can better connect the community and the Heroes with each other, in a way that helps them both.

I want the Heroes to receive Happy Mail that is tailored to them.  I want the community to feel like they can easily support their heroes, because they understand them and their situation.

You also create a gorgeous personalised sock doll which is inspired by the monthly Hero as your happy mail contribution.  What things can people contribute as happy mail? 

Happy Mail could be as simple as a card or a picture that you drew.  My definition of Happy Mail, is mail that when it is opened will make the recipient smile.  My IG community of #herohappymailfriends are brilliant at ideas for the Heroes.  Each month I am asking them about ideas of what to send.  I like the idea of flat parcels, but I know our last two heroes have loved the fat parcels full of goodies.  If you check out the account, I post pictures of what everyone sends. I am sure you will find it both inspiring and humbling to see what #herohappymailfriends send.

Personalised Beanie by Dainty and Divine for Hero happy Mail

“Happy Mail could be as simple as a card or a picture that you drew.  My definition of Happy Mail, is mail that when it is opened will make the recipient smile.”

Hero Happy Mail Gifts

I have no doubt that there is a lot of work involved in keeping Hero Happy Mail rolling.   What does a day include for your SewintheMoment and Hero Happy Mail commitments and how do you juggle it all?

I am blessed to have a supportive family who believe in what I am doing.  They will empty the post office box for me if I get stuck.  For me I don’t see it as work or burdensome.  I am seriously moved to tears each time I use my Ninja opening skills to open a parcel.  It is important to me that I keep our Heroes safe.  So I open every parcel to insure it is age appropriate and safe.  I then take the opportunity to share the mail with the IG community. Then I pack it like it has never been opened to give the heroes the opening experience themselves.

How do I balance both?  The secret is passion.  I love what I do, I’m seriously living my dream.  None of it feels like work.  I set myself a daily routine and stick to it.  I try and do extra tasks outside of making and designing hours (9am – 3pm) eg. blog interviews.  If I get stuck or things get tiring, I will change tasks and return to it when I am fresh again.  When you run your own business there are always things to do.

What keeps you motivated?

Again… definitely passion #changingtheworldonedayatatime and people too.  I am a words girl.  So I love the IG community.  It is the most amazing place for experiencing support and encouragement.

What has been the biggest highlight since you started Hero Happy Mail?

Just the other day when I emptied the PO Box the post man had decided that I get so many parcels that don’t fit in my box that he was going to give me one “you’ve got … x 5” parcels waiting slip instead of giving me a separate slip for each one. I felt like I am playing with the big boys now.

Thank you for for taking to the time to chat about Hero Happy Mail Mim! What is the best way for us to keep up to date with your creative work you do with SewInTheMoment and your community work with Hero Happy Mail?

Thank you for the opportunity to share my heart and my passion sweet Alana. You can always email me at sales@sewinthemoment or reach me at:

Hero happy mail

IG @herohappymail or on FB at Hero Happy Mail


IG @sew_in_the_moment FB Sewinthemoment Sock Dolls


Shops – and


Mim is one of my favourite makers and I love her vision for a kindness revolution through Hero Happy Mail.  I hope you have enjoyed reading this interview.

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