Why do I buy handmade?

One of the main reasons I purchase handmade goods is the fact that it is a unique piece that has been made with such love and care and not something that can be easily replicated as most items are when purchased though the fast fashion industry.

Whenever I purchase from Samantha at Deluxe Creations I always receive an amazing parcel filled with love and I got exactly that when I recently adopted Eddie the Squirrel!

Now, Eddie is a brooch and is one of the most fabulous retro inspired brooches I have come across. I actually named him Eddie too… He totally looks like an Eddie to me!

Eddie the Squirrel
Eddie the Squirrel shimmers variations of pearlescent gold and brown depending on the lighting.

One of the things that stands out about Eddie is his colours.  He is a mix of the perfect ‘Squirrel Brown’ and pearlescent gold.  I notice that he shimmers different shades of brown and gold depending on the lighting.  He has also been polished to perfection which is also something to look out for with resin jewellery.

I could not wait to wear him once my handmade happy mail arrived so I pinned him to my cardigan immediately!


Samantha from Deluxe Creations is a talented maker from Western Australia and an absolute expert at her craft. She creates very well made vintage inspired jewellery with lots of sparkle and shine.  Resin jewellery making is not for the faint hearted.  It is a difficult skill to master.  I actually took part in a resin jewellery class nearly 2 years ago and saw first hand how much work goes into bringing to life each resin jewellery piece from the casting all the way to to the polishing.

If you pop by Samantha’s store you will become an instant fan of her work. I already have a ‘Deluxe Creations’ box dedicated to my Deluxe collection!

I am so glad that  Eddie the Squirrel has joined my collection!

You can find more Deluxe Creations at:

Etsy Shop: Deluxe Creations Etsy

Instagram: Deluxe Creations Instagram

Facebook: Deluxe Creations Facebook Page

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