I recently took part in the Virtual Designer Market.  It is a fabulous online market night full of amazing bargains!  I told myself I would not look through the hashtag #virtualdesignermarket… I was not permitted to purchase any bargains!  That is right, even if it was an absolute bargain I could not buy it.

Well, guess who looked through the hashtag and guess who saw the necklace of her dreams?  Yes, me!

A gorgeous neon yellow and marble necklace was looking at me, practically begging for a home. I told myself I could live without it… but it was yellow, and bold, oh and did I say it was yellow? Plus it was the lucky last one in this style!  I didn’t want to miss out!  I just had to make this beautiful necklace mine.

The necklace was by a Melbourne maker named Tina, of  Glisten Designs who makes vibrant luxe fashion jewellery.  My parcel (dream necklace) arrived super fast and carefully packaged. It is even prettier in real life and also very well made.  My husband even complimented me on it!  (It must be a stand out piece!)

Neon Nights Necklace by Glisten Designs Melbourne
My new Neon Nights Necklace by Glisten Designs, Melbourne.

I have been wearing it non stop and it brightens up every outfit especially dull Winter jumpers.  I am not much of a Winter person so this necklace adds the pop of colour I need!

I have since checked out more of the current work of Tina from Glisten Designs.

How adorable are her statement cord necklaces?

Glisten Designs Necklaces
Colour Pop Cord Necklaces by Glisten Designs.  Photo credit: Glisten Designs

Oh and not forgetting her dreamy new Marble Luxe Collection…  There are no words to describe it…

Marble Luxe Collection by Glisten Designs
Marble Luxe Collection by Glisten Designs.  Photo credit: Glisten Designs


I love my Neon Nights necklace.  I look forward to seeing more of Tina’s wonderful creations and also adding some more of her work to my budding Glisten collection!

You can find more of Glisten Designs at:

Online Shop: glistendesigns.com

Instagram: @glistendesigns

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